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Vertical Multistage pumps in AISI 304 – AISI 316L and cast iron


Vertical multistage pumps in AISI 304 (EVM), ASIS 316 (EVML) stainless steel and cast iron (EVGM) multistage motor driven pumps.  WRAS-approved standard version available: EVM 3-5-10-18.  Reliable quite and easy to maintain.  Used in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and fire-fighting pressure boosting systems.  In primary water treatment, reverse osmosis, filtration system etc..  Suitable for handling moderately aggressive fluids, filling boilers, washing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.  IEC standard motors available, robust constructions.


Technical Specifications

·         Max. working pressure : 16 bar, 25 bar, 30 bar only for EVM32 – EVM 45

·         Max. liquid temperature range  :  -15oC - 120oC

·         Capacity up to 84 m3/hr


·         Total Head up to 307m

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