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GPE with E-drive


GPE with E-drive

Pressure Booster System with inverter

Booster set with 2 or more pumps, each of them quipped with E-Drive.


E-Drive is an advanced electronic device which combines and INVERTER and a dedicated CONTROLLLER for pumps; it is a compact, robust and reliable system, easy to set-up and use.  E-drive represents a compact alternative solution to the classic control penal box, thanks to several control modes, integrated alarms and protections and an advanced menu.  The range of booster sets comprises pumping sets with a maximum of 8 pumps in a serial connection (each one operated at variable speed by E-drive), with the possibility of add other 2 pumps directly connected to the mains supply (D.O.L.).  The maximum power for each pump is limited to 11kw.  

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